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Your feelings matter.

We all get stressed, sad, or anxious sometimes. The good news is that there are many positive ways to cope – and they’re often more fun and easier than you think. Check out other youth stories here and explore the science of feeling better. And if you or a friend are dealing with big problems, find out how you can get the help you need. Remember, you’re not alone.

TikTok stressing you out? Shake it off.
Feeling stuck? Try a change of scenery.
Nervous to slide in the DMs? Talk it through.
World seems out of control? Find your calm.
Labels got you worried? Get a new perspective.
Back to school nerves? This could help.
brianna's signature Feeling angry? Here's a way to cool down.
calvins signature Out of your element? Find ways to connect.
jamies signature Schoolwork anxiety? Find your way to shine.
farrah signature Hurt by mean words? Think awesome thoughts.
mariah signature Upset by trash talk? Get the real scoop.
gabrielles signature Things moving too fast? Get a second opinion.
carlos signature Not sure what's right? Don't go at it alone.
maya signature Feeling the pressure? Hugging it out helps.
alishas signature Feeling down? Get loud.
hannahs signature Stressed about grades? It's okay to get help.
nadia signature Family a bother? Write it out.
jeramiahs signature Feeling overwhelmed? Give yourself a break.