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“Break the Line”

Welcome to “Break the Line” Podcast: Amplifying Youth Voices in Boston!

Dive into the authentic stories and voices of Boston’s vibrant youth community with “Break the Line” – a groundbreaking podcast by the Youth Advisory Board (YAB), in collaboration with the Boston Public Health Commission’s Bureau of Recovery Services. Our podcast is on a mission to empower and uplift young voices, shedding light on topics that truly matter.

Podcast Overview

“Break the Line” is a youth-led podcast that unveils the raw and unfiltered experiences of teenagers in the heart of Boston. We’re here to confront the silence and bring important conversations to the forefront. Our episodes delve into crucial yet often overlooked subjects, including substance use disorder (SUD), mental health, harm reduction, community violence, and comprehensive sex education in Boston Public Schools.

Why Listen?

Are you a Boston youth or young adult aged 15-24? This podcast is your platform, your voice, your community. Discover relatable stories, insightful discussions, and solutions that resonate with your life experiences. “Break the Line” is your chance to explore real issues, gain perspectives, and drive positive change.

Episode Release Schedule:

Sept. 1 – Episode 1: “YAB Discuss Community Violence with Donald Osgood”

Get ready to engage as the Youth Advisory Board sits down with Donald Osgood, Program Director of Neighborhood Trauma Teams Network at the Boston Public Health Commission. Listen as they tackle the impact of community violence and explore pathways to healing.

Sept. 8 – Episode 2: “YAB Discuss Mental Health with Dr. Simon: Mental Matters”

Join us for a candid conversation on mental health with Dr. Simon, the Boston Public Health Commission’s Chief Behavioral Health Officer. Gain insights, break down stigmas, and discover resources for better mental well-being.

Sept. 15 – Episode 3: “YAB Discuss the Health Curriculum in Boston”

Uncover the importance of a comprehensive health curriculum in Boston Public Schools. Tune in as the Youth Advisory Board examines the role of education in fostering healthy lives and communities.

Sept. 22- Episode 4: “YAB Discuss the MBTA Transportation System”

Explore the city’s lifeline – its transportation system. Listen as the Youth Advisory Board navigates through discussions on accessibility, challenges, and solutions within the MBTA.

Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and be part of the change! “Break the Line” Podcast is your platform to inspire, connect, and ignite transformation in the heart of Boston.

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