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CopeCode Challenge

The CopeCode Club is a campaign that supports Boston youth in identifying healthy ways to cope with feelings that stressful situations like the COVID-19 response produce. Starting in March, over the course of nine weeks, you will be invited to join others across the city in practicing positive coping skills from the comfort of your own home, at school, as part of your youth programs, or with friends. 

CopeCode Club Campaign and Challenge Webinar

In this video, City of Boston Recovery Services staff walk adults who work with youth through the CopeCode Club Campaign and Challenge.

Join the Club

We challenge you to incorporate our Stress Science Tips into your routine. Start with Level 1 of the CopeCode Challenge, and continue to build upon your progress weekly until you’re practicing at least one challenge activity per Stress Science Tip at Level 9.

The challenge activity list and calendar can be found below. Remember to select activities that seem most fun to you! 

After completing Level 9, consider increasing the number of activities you do for each Stress Science Tip.

Share photos and videos of your challenge participation and use the hashtag #copecodechallenge. Tag us @CopeCodeClub (Instagram), @ORSBoston (Twitter, FB) and @healthyboston (Twitter, IG, FB).

Challenge Calendar

Level 1: Move 

Level 2: Move, Create 

Level 3: Move, Create, Sing 

Level 4: Move, Create, Sing, Breathe,  

Level 5: Move, Create, Sing, Breathe , Share 

Level 6: Move, Create, Sing, Breathe , Share, Rest  

Level 7: Move, Create, Sing, Breathe , Share, Rest, Think  

Level 8: Move, Create, Sing, Breathe , Share, Rest, Think , Write 

Level 9: Move, Create, Sing, Breathe , Share, Rest, Think , Write, Bond 

Challenge Activity List

physical activity


  • Work out from home using a virtual gym or YouTube (15 minutes or more)
  • Do 20 jumping jacks outside of your house or apartment building 
  • Revive 4 old school dance moves (e.g. running man, dougie, harlem shake) and do them for 5 minutes, three times a day 
  • Learn a TikTok dance and post it on your story
  • Video chat a friend and see how many push-ups you can do
guided imagery


  • Take ‘artsy’ photos of the following common household items: pillow, table, chair, refrigerator 
  • Pick an outfit that you can wear once the stay at home advisory has been lifted
  • Draw a picture of you doing the first thing you hope to do once the stay at home advisory has been lifted
  • Ask your parent or caregiver for old photos and magazines and make a collage for your bedroom wall 
  • Create a 20 second song to sing for handwashing 
  • Bake a dessert or cook a meal that you have never made before
    • Check out BuzzFeed’s Tasty for new ideas 


  • Sing for 20 seconds every time your wash your hands 
  • Learn to beatbox!  
  • Plan your own private shower concert – make a playlist and belt it out 
  • Download a karaoke app like Smule and sing along 
  • Gather loved ones in person or over video chat and play ‘name that tune’. Each person taking a turn to sing while others try to guess the song title and artist 
  • Learn to sing a song in a language in which you are not fluent 
  • Connect with friends over video chat and try to coordinate singing your favorite song acapella 
autogenic training


  • Start a virtual meditation group 
  • Schedule time to go outside for a walk and breathe some fresh air 
  • Use scents to change the atmosphere around the home. (e.g. candles, incense, essential oils) 
  • When feeling stressed or anxious, pause and take deep breaths
peer sharing


  • If you have a grandparent, call them to check in at least three times in a week 
  • Hold a group video chat with friends 
  • Write a letter to a loved one and send it in the mail 
  • Staying home during this time can be draining. If you have access to a mental health provider, schedule a telehealth appointment to share what’s on your mind 
  • Check in with friends daily using only GIFs or memes to communicate
transcendental meditation


  • Schedule times in to take a power nap (15-20 min) between stressful activities/encounters 
  • Take this time to get the recommended 6-8 hours sleep 
  • Social media and news breaks are important! Be at rest while reading a new book 
  • Everything in moderation-including television, cell phones, and internet
positive thinking


  • Record at least one positive thing that happens each day for a week 
  • Text a different person each day of the week, thanking them for one way they bring joy into your life 
  • Write down three positive words you think friends would use to describe you and post them near where you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, repeat “I am chosen words” five times before starting your day 
  • Create a vision board with images that represent what you want for your life 
  • Think about something good in your life right now and then take a moment to imagine what life would be like without that one good thing. Write down the ways life would be different without this good thing 
  • Being surrounded by family 24/7 is not easy! If you find yourself getting angry during the week, assess the situation that’s making you feel that way and before reacting, ask yourself:
    •   Is this worth getting angry about? 
    • Am I sure this person is out to hurt or insult me?  
    • Is there another way to get what I want? 


  • Write and publish a review for a movie or show that you’ve recently watched
  • Create a secret code language for you and your friends 
  • Make a time capsule for this moment in time. Write out everything wild that happens in your life and start building one 
  • Become the next J.K. Rowling and start writing a book or script for a movie
  • In need of romance? Draft some poetry to send to that special someone! 
  • Write what happens daily in a journal 
  • Write out feelings when feeling stressed or anxious 
  • Write a rap or song
    • Don’t know what to write about? Check out MassLeap’s Instagram for some prompts 


  • Host a virtual watch party  
  • Play board and card games with family and friends (Words w/Friends, UNO, etc.) 
  • Host a virtual book club. Find a book you and your friends need/want to read and reflect together
  • Create a challenge for you and your friends! 
  • When you take a walk, video chat with your friends! 
  • Work with a friend to come up with a new game 
  • Play a video game with your friends or participate in an online game competition!